February 21, 2024

Government decides to reduce price of electricity

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Government decides to reduce price of electricity

ISLAMABAD, Jan 24,2024: The caretaker federal government has decided to reduce the price of electricity, while a 5-member committee has been established to reduce the tariff of wind power plants.

Sources say that payments of 20 billion rupees to 14 wind power plants were stopped, the additional cost of wind power plants was caught in the investigation, but the implementation was not done.

The summary was sent to a 5-member committee headed by the Managing Director of the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB).

According to the summary, the committee was also given the task of reducing the tariff of power plants of sugar mills, which said that the power plants should first reduce the tariff and enter into a new contract and then the payments would be made.

Sources say that the committee will also consider the water shortage faced by Muzaffarabad due to the Neelum Jhelum hydropower project.

On the other hand, a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Energy was convened on January 26.