Court issues non bailable warrants against Samma TV

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KARACHI, Jan 27,2022- A  court of Additional Sessions Judge Karachi on Wednesday has issued non bailable warrants against Chairman, CEO, Director News, an anchorperson and a reporter of the Samma TV on the direct complaint of Sindh Minister for Information and Labour Saeed Ghani.

Provincial Minister for Information and Labour Saeed Ghani has filed direct case against Samaa TV.

The court order said that Saeed Ghani has filed a direct complaint against Samma TV through it chairman Zafar Siddiqui, Naveed Siddiqui CEO, Farhan Malik Director News, Ms Kiran Naz Anchorperson, and Sanjay Sadhwani reporter. After ordering regular hearing, on December 7, the court issued bailable warrant against the above named persons to appear before the court on December 24.

The court order says, the accused persons remained absent. The order further said that on December 16, a lawyer Mr Lal Hussain Advocate moved an application on behalf of above named persons for grant of certified copies of memo of plaint, along with annexures, statement of complainant, statements of witnesses. The application was allowed in the larger interest of justice, the court order said. By this way the accused persons had acquired knowledge about the case and bailable warrants, even then they did not bother to come.

Saeed Ghani has maintained in the cases that Samaa TV has aired false and fabricated news against him upon which notice was sent to the channel.

The court order maintained that as per record Advocate Hassan Ahmed made endorsement on behalf of the on behalf of the accused. But on January 17, they remained absent.

Thus under such circumstances this court does not have any alternate but issue the bailable warrants against them to be executed through SSP Operation Karachi South.

The case is adjourned till February 2.

The plaintiff said that the case was filed when no response was received on the notice sent to the channel.

Saeed Ghani argued that Samaa TV aired baseless and fabricated news reports against him to malign his character in the eyes of the public.