Chinese man finds son abducted 24 years ago

Chinese man finds son abducted 24 years ago

A man in China got reward for his tireless efforts to find his son, who was abducted 24 years ago.

According to foreign media reports, the son of a man named Guo Gung Teng, who was only 2 years old, was abducted in front of his house.

The man said his son was playing outside the house when no one was inside.

The man said he traveled all over the country to find his son and covered a total distance of about 500,000 km.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security said the child was abducted by traffickers and sold to a family in central China.

A few days ago, police informed Guo Gung that they had found his son.

Police said a DNA test confirmed that the 26-year-old teacher in Hunan province was his son.

A video of the father-son meeting was also shown in the Chinese media in which the father and son as well as the people standing next to him were also seen.