Bollywood Veteran Zeenat Aman tells why Feroz Khan deducted his paayment

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Bollywood Veteran Zeenat Aman tells why Feroz Khan deducted his payment

Bollywood’s seasoned actress and former leading heroine, Zeenat Aman, recently took to Instagram to share a past incident involving the late film director Feroz Khan.

The 72-year-old actress revealed how Khan deducted her compensation on the set of the film “Qurbani.”

In a detailed post on Instagram,Zeenat Aman reminisced about the 1970s, the peak of her career, when Feroz Khan approached her with a role in his upcoming film. Initially offered a secondary role, Aman politely declined, leading to Khan’s displeasure. However, after a while, Khan called again and offered her a lead role, which she accepted, joining the film’s cast.

Despite being diligent and punctual, Aman mentioned a youthful incident when she attended a party and arrived late on the set the next day. Feroz Khan, visibly upset, addressed the delay and, without engaging in any debate or scolding, deducted an hour’s worth of compensation from Aman, directing it to the crew.

The revelation provides a glimpse into the dynamics of Bollywood in the 1970s and the professional standards upheld by directors like Feroz Khan. Zeena Aman’s candid recollection adds a personal touch to the behind-the-scenes experiences of Bollywood’s golden era.