Sanam Javaid’s Nomination papers’ appeal rejected

Sanam Javaid

Sanam Javaid's Nomination papers' appeal rejected

Lahore, Jan 7,2024: In a recent development, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and prominent social media influencer, Sanam Javaid, faced a legal setback as her appeals against the rejection of nomination papers for National and Provincial Assembly constituencies were dismissed.

The Appellate Tribunal, under the jurisdiction of the Lahore High Court, delivered the verdict on Sanam

Javaid’s appeals. Justice Tariq Nadeem, serving as the Appellate Tribunal Judge, announced the decision following a thorough review of the case.

Rejection Upheld: Tribunal Sides with Returning Officer’s Decision

The Appellate Tribunal upheld the decision of the Returning Officer to reject Sanam Javaid’s nomination papers for constituencies NA 119, 120, and PP 150. The dismissal of the appeals affirms the Returning Officer’s initial judgment on the eligibility of the PTI leader to contest in the mentioned constituencies.

Nomination Papers Stand Rejected: Legal Hurdle for PTI Leader and Social Media Influencer

Sanam Javaid, a well-known figure in Pakistan’s political and social media spheres, and an active supporter of PTI, faces a significant legal hurdle as the Appellate Tribunal’s decision stands, affirming the rejection of her nomination papers.

Who is Sanam Javed?

In the political and social media circles of Pakistan, Sanam Javed Khan is recognized as a well-known figure. Born on May 25, 1993, in Lahore, she is not only a social media influencer but also one of the youngest female employees of PTI. Sanam Javed has demonstrated a strong interest in politics and social justice from a young age, actively participating in PTI’s political initiatives.

Sanam Javed was granted bail in the May 9 riots case. She was arrested on allegation for attacking Jinnah House Lahore.