Angelina Julie condemns global ambivalence towards human rights

Angelina Juile

Angelina Julie condemns global ambivalence towards human rights

In a powerful statement, renowned Hollywood actress, filmmaker, and human rights advocate, Angelina Julie, expressed her concern over the prevailing ambivalence surrounding human rights worldwide.

The 48-year-old actress, celebrated for her remarkable performances in numerous blockbuster films, shared her perspective on the disparities in global human rights standards.

Addressing Syrian journalists in a candid conversation, Jolie highlighted the alarming inconsistency in the application of human rights principles. She emphasized that the standards for human rights seem to vary significantly, leading to a situation where individuals committing the same crime may face disparate outcomes—one found guilty while another goes unpunished.

Jolie did not shy away from pointing out the influence of commercial interests on the global discourse surrounding human rights. The actress-turned-humanitarian leader asserted that, unfortunately, the pursuit of economic and commercial gains often takes precedence over the fundamental principles of justice and equality. This, she argued, creates a world where human rights are compromised in the name of financial interests.

Known for her unwavering commitment to various humanitarian causes, Angelina Jolie’s remarks serve as a stark reminder of the challenges humanity faces in upholding universal human rights. As a prominent figure in both the entertainment industry and the advocacy for human rights, Jolie’s words are likely to resonate globally, sparking conversations about the need for a more equitable and just approach to human rights on the international stage.