ANP joins hands with MQM in NA 245 by election


ANP joins hands with MQM in NA 245 by election

KARACHI, Jul 15,2022- Awami National Party (ANP) has announced its support for Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan in the by-elections in National Assembly constituency 245.

ANP Sindh president Shahi Syed and MQM leader Waseem Akhtar held a joint press conference in Karachi.

Shahi Syed said that ANP will support MQM in NA-245 by-election and we will also cooperate with each other in local body elections.

He said that we want an empowered local government system.

The ANP Sindh president further said that we are trying to win as many seats as possible in the local body elections.

Waseem Akhtar said that ANP would fully support MQM in NA-245, for which he thanked them.

He said that we will stand together in the local body elections where needed, we will send a message of peace throughout the province, city and country.

The MQM leader said that it is time to take this country forward with consensus. All the political parties are in agreement to fix the local government system. I assure you that we are together and also in the local body elections. ۔

On the recent tense situation in Sindh, Shahi Syed said that we condemn all that happened in Hyderabad and then the shops and hotels that were closed.

He said that this was not the act of Sindhis or Pakhtuns, this is only the act of terrorists, and the government should deal with these terrorists severely.

The ANP Sindh president said that the business of Pakhtuns should be opened and they should be given protection. What happened at Sohrab Goth yesterday has gone very wrong.