Some mischievous elements want to make things worse in Sindh: Ministers tell media

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Some mischievous elements want to make things worse in Sindh: Ministers tell media

Provincial ministers Sharjeel Inam Memon, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Saeed Ghani, MNA Agha Rafiullah, PPP Karachi Division and Vice President Amanullah Mehsood said that there are some mischievous elements who want to make things worse.

Speaking at a joint press conference on Friday evening the ministers said that they have talked with the political leaders on the issue and they have assured any ethnic conflict will not be in the interest of the province.

Sindh information minister Sharjeel Memon said that a few days ago, Bilal Kaka was killed in a tragic incident took place at the hotel of Hyderabad.

He said that two accused have been arrested and four are absconding. However some people closed their shops after the incident. Sindh information minister 28 people were arrested

Referring to Sohrab Goth incident Sharjeel Inam Memon said 48 people have been arrested.

Recounting the efforts taken by the Sindh government, Shajeel said, “I talked to Shahi Syed and Ayaz Latif Palijo and added that both leaders issued a joint statement was and also held a conference.

He further said that Sanaan Qureshi also held a press conference.

Violence and riots at Sohrab Goth, traffic diverted 

Sindh CM takes notice of Bilal Kaka murder incident

The minster said that some mischievous elements wanted riots.

Yesterday, Shahi Syed gave a good response and added there is a message for those who wanted to make a mess, but we will deal with them anyway.

Information minister said that There has been talk of protests and sieges on social media

Messages are being run on social media from the accounts of people who passed away two years ago.

MNA Agha Rafiullah

MNA Agha Rafiullah said that after yesterday’s incident, we all fought together and said there should be no element of hatred in politics. Sindhi Pathans are united.

Agarfiullah also gave a message in Pashto

Amanullah Mehsood

Amanullah Mehsood said yesterday, as the incident took place, he contacted Jalal Mehmood Shah and Sanaan Qureshi. He added that he hase been in Sindh for fifty years. A large number of Pakhtuns are in the PPP.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah

Sindh minister for local bodies Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that yesterday he talked to everyone including Qadir Magsi, Shahi Syed and Ayaz Latif Palijo. He said attempts were made to give ethnic color to personal quarrel. He Innocent people were tortured.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah delivered the message in Sindhi.