20 Indian fishermen released from Karachi Jail after serving 4 years in prison

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20 Indian fishermen released from Karachi Jail after serving 4 years in prison

KARACHI Nov 14,2021

20 Indian fishermen imprisoned in Karachi’s Landhi Jail for 4 years have been released. These fishermen will be sent to India through Wagah border.

Indian fishermen have been sent to Lahore on Nov 14, where they will leave for India via Wagah border.

All travel expenses of the fishermen are being borne by the Edhi Foundation.

Speaking to media, Landhi Jail Superintendent Arshad Shah said that the Indian government has identified the fishermen after which the fishermen have been released in good faith on the orders of Home Department. They will be dispatched from Wagah border to India.

The Indian fishermen released included Ranvie @ Arjun S/o Mega – Veja, Babu S/o Kirshan, Bhupat S/o Bhagwan, Naran parbat, Bhavesh Shara Bhai, Arjun S/o Babu, Rkhad s/o Arjan, Dana  S/o Bhupat, Ransi s/o Bachu, Pola s/o Sadhur, , Meepa s/o Aama Bhai, , Biso s/o Naga, Parma Haresh kumar s/o Maya Bhai, Paresh Bhai s/o Govind Bhai, Ravendra s/o govind Bhai, makwaran Bhawesh kumar s/o Mandan Bhai, Taba Bhai s/o Lumbha Bhai, Vaju s/o Lakhman, Juseb S/o Moosa, Himat s/o Balu Vabu

He also said that at present 588 more Indian fishermen are in the jail and all the details of these prisoners are also being collected.

In April 2019, Pakistan had release around 100 prisoner as a gesture of good will.

In June 2021, India has released four Pakistanis imprisoned in India