100 intellectuals urge govt to call international humanitarian agencies for relief work

Rain disaster

US Provides $30 Million Assistance for Flood affectees in Pakistan

Complete revamping of municipal services and village rehabilitation

The mainstream media failed to failed to give due coverage to this misery

Over 100 intellectuals, writers, civil society, activists, lawyers of Sindh showing their great concern over the flood situation hitting hard throughout Sindh have urged the government call international humanitarian agencies for relief work.

In a joint statement issued here on Sunday, they said it’s government’s prime responsibility of rescue, relief and rehabilitation in disaster hit areas.

Analysing the situation they observed that Sindh is passing its ever difficult phase of disaster. Although this is not first time we witnessed havoc in 2010, 2011 and 2018 but this time prolonged pre-monsoon and monsoon season has lasted longer. Continuous rain fall has devastated urban, semi urban and rural areas simultaneously. Crops, livestock, houses, urban businesses has been hit hard and we will face situation of disease, hunger and other losses once water recedes.

However at this point in time following things have been observed seriously missing to respond to situation.

Complete absence of Disaster management authority from reaching out to people in need
  1. Complete absence of Disaster management authority from reaching out to people in need
  2. Civic agencies completely failed to dewater urban cities and semi urban areas which causes huge loss of infrastructure and daily wage earners besides small businesses
  3. Provincial line departments, divisional and district authorities has shown complete lack of coordination. Few handouts shows that DCs saying NGOs to come to rescue and relief.
  4. Millions of people are still besieged in water. After urgent quick evacuation Humans and there animals need shelter, food and water also medicine and vaccinations
  5. Callous and apathetic response from Government shows it’s non existing in 2010 and 2011 atleast that was there.
  6. Tents, clean water, food, medicine, hygiene kits and mosquito nets supplies are radially required all across
  7. The Role of mainstream media is highly condemnable who has failed to give this a priority to give due coverage to this misery
  8. 25,000 is very minimum this should be increased to 100,000      
  9. – Heavy rains kill 36 people in Sindh 
  1. Tax waver and special agricultural packages for farmers to do harvesting in short term so they should not fall in most vulnerable category of poor
  2. Government must take role of coordination and dedicate areas to NGOs to work properly
  3. Complete revamping of municipal services and Village Rehabilitation is need of hour and should be done in most transparent manner.
  4. Providing Low cost housing through existing program by just increasing the scope of program
  5. Sindh should not bear such losses due to poor infrastructure every time and fixing municipal services must be integral part.
  6. Government and civil society should ensure equitable services and distribution of items. Needs of women, children, transgenders, elderly and persons with different abilities and other vulnerable groups should be addressed.
  7. Climate change is reality government should encourage civil society Organisations to develop projects to save this water and Rain harvesting, revitalising green culture should be integral part of every discussion, project and program.

Signatories included Noor ul Huda Shah (renowned writer), Amar Sindhu (activist), Jami Chandio (intellectual), Prof Dr. Arfana Mallah, Prof Dr. Imdad Chandio (HRCP), Prof Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandio, Dr. Haseen Musarat (WAF), Barrister Zamir Ghumro (Advocate, Writer, Political analys, t Naseer Memon ( development expert), Anis Haroon. (WAF), Mushtaq Rajper(SANA) USA, Pro. Dr. Fahmida Hussain (Scholar), Hoori Noorani (Publisher), Nawaz Panhwar, Edmonton Alberta Canada, Dr. Syed Jaffer Ahmed. (Intellectual, Scholar), Prof. Dr. Rafique Chandio (economist), Sohail Sangi (senior journalist, analyst), Attiya Dawood (writer), Khuda Bux Abro (Artist), Rafiq Mangi – Hanoi, Vietnam (Development Expert), Javed Qazi (Advocate, political analyst), Afia Salam (Journalist, social activists), Aziz Solangi (editor, writer), Asfaque Laghari (writer), Nasim Jalbani. (WAF), Rukhsana Preet (Poet), Prof. Adal Soomro (Poet, professor),

Prof Lal Bux Jiskani (Educationalist), Mahnaz Rehman (writer, journalist, Activist), Anwar Abro (writer), Pirbhu Satiyani (Consultant), Qazi Asif (senior journalist), Rauf Nizamani (writer, political analyst), Aajiz Jamali (senior journalist), Suleman G. Abro (development expert), Masood Lohar (UNDP), Nazir Essani (consultant), Amna Abro (Activist, writer), Raheema Panhwar (Developmewnt sector), Rozina Junejo (journalist), Zakia Aijaz, Murad Pandrani (Activists), Rubina Chandio (gender Consultant), Dr. Bakhat Jamal (Social Activists, writer), Bakhtawar Mansoor (writer), Ahmed Solangi (secretary Sindhi Adabi Sangat), Jamal Mustafa Shoro senior consultant, development professional), Professor Ikhtiar Ghumro, Ayaz Gul (Poet Sindhi Adabi sangat), Dr Mujeeb ur Rehman Abro (prof, media consultant),  Dr Siraj Ahmed Soomro (Prof), Dr Hisam u ddin shaikh (prof), Dr Hassan Jawad (prof), Haji Hussain Bux Laghari (grower), Kashif Siddiqui (Development Professional HRD), Mrs .Sabeen Kashif, Ameer Abro (Writer), Fiza Quraishi ( Development Expert), Nizam Nadeem (development expert), Zahid Abro (Editor), Dr. Rehana Nazir, Rehan Channer (writer), Amar Iqbal (writer), Nizam Nizamani (development consultant),  Advocate Qalandar Bux Laghari (lawyer), Uzma Noorani (WAF), Mahesh Kumar (senior journalist, Farooq Soomro (Senior journalist), Iqbal Mallah ( union of journalists), Dr. Bakhtawar Jam (Activist), Lala Rehman (Hyd press club), Amir Raza Memon. (Development Expert), Qurat Mirza (Activist, Gender expert), Huda Bhurgri (Activist, gender, development expert), Ishaq Soomro (senior journalist), Bhakhshan Mehranvi ( Poet), Jibran zeb Shaikh ( writer ), Shahzadi Hussain (Activist), Hussain Jarwar (social activist), Javed Soz. (Writer),  Shazia Nizamani ( Advocate), Abdul Sami Memon (president SANA) USA, Amar Pirzado (Poet),  Sadia Baloch (HRCP), Najma Panhwar (WAF),  Dr. Areeba  (WAF), Rehana Nazir ( Scholar, WAF), Bakhtawar Mazhar ( Performing Art), Yasmeen Mir (WAF),  Anita Panjwani (WAF), Manan Memon, Abrar Qazi (senior  politicians), Rahim Bux Jaferi (Political Activists), Prof. Asad Abidi (Educationalist), Dr. Sorath Sindhu (social media Activist), Areeba Jalbani (WAF), Prof. Dr. Shahnila Zardari (professor), Dr. Nadia Agha and others.