Why MQM last NA 245 by election?

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Why MQM last NA 245 by election?

The results of the Karachi’s National Assembly Constituency 245 by-elections on Sunday dealt a severe blow to the MQM’s reputation in Karachi politics and made clear the nature of its possible position in the August 28 municipal elections.

According to the unconfirmed and unofficial results of all 263 polling stations, PTI candidate Mahmood Maulvi bagged 29,475 votes against MQM-Pakistan’s (MQM-P) Moid Anwar, who managed to secure 13,193 votes.

TLP’s Muhammed Ahmed Raza stood 3rd with 9,836 votes while Farooq Sattar, who contested as an independent candidate, secured only 3,479 votes. MQM-H candidate Muhammad Shahid remained last with 1,117 votes. As many as 166,869 votes were cast in this constituency.

Political observers said that the boycott of MQM International cannot be ignored in Sunday’s results, while the dissensions in migrant politics that have been going on for the past several years have also widened the damage to MQM’s politics.

Some political commentators say that MQM’s continuous friendly non-alignment with PPP has also cost MQM a lot politically. It may be recalled that PPP withdrew its candidate in favour of MQM.

This seat fell vacant after the death of Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussian in June this year. In the 2018 General Election, Liaquat defeated Dr. Farooq Sattar by securing 56,673 votes.

The voter turnout in the constituency was 11.8%,

Jamaat Islami which have been active since last six months also did not participate in the bye-elections.

The constituency included Jamshed Quarters, Pakistan Quarters, Martin Quarters, PECHS, Lines Area, Soldier Bazaar, New Town, Patel Para, Garden West, Martin Quarters, Teen Hatti and PIB Colony.

The observers of opinion that PPP and JI both gave open field to MQM and wanted to see the vote bank and strength of MQM.