World’s largest iceberg close to melting


World's largest iceberg close to melting

At the South Pole, A-76A is the world’s largest iceberg. According to the satellite image released by the American space research agency NASA, this mountain is now close to melting.

According to the US National Ice Center, the iceberg is 135 km long and 26 km wide, measured in June 2021.

A-76A is the size of two London-sized cities, its melting process has accelerated and it is now heading towards its end.

NASA took a picture of the iceberg on Oct. 31 in the Drake Passage, the passage between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

An iceberg is a large block of ice floating in the ocean. Many icebergs are the size of large buildings or houses. However, the majority of their bulk is buried underwater. Passing ships can easily be damaged or destroyed by icebergs