Will Pak PWD department be closed?


Will Pak PWD department be closed?

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has asked for proposals to close Pakistan PWD, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

Additional Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, Sara Aslam, has sent a letter to the Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Construction, in which the Prime Minister has directed the Secretary, Housing and Construction, to consult with the Minister of Housing and Construction, PWD to develop a comprehensive closure plan.

The Prime Minister has directed that this plan be presented to the Prime Minister within a week.

Pakistan Public Works Department – PWD  is an attached Department of Ministry of Housing and Works, responsible for implementation of the policies framed by the State in Housing Sector and in relation to affairs of the Federation. According to the Rules of Business, all the Federally Financed works except funded out of Defence Budget are to be executed through Pakistan PWD. In addition, Pak PWD is also responsible for maintaining of all Government owned buildings and to act as custodian of lands and Buildings owned by the Federation.

Broadly speaking, the role of Pak PWD is multidimensional and basically acts as Technical Advisor to Federal Government. The role and Functions are as under:

1. To plan, organize, execute and supervise all the Federally Financed and administrated Civil Works.

2. To maintain all Federal Government lands and property all over the Pakistan.

3. To maintain all Federal Government on all technical matters related to Housing, Building, physical Planning and Procurement Modalities.

4. To plan organize, execute project under SDG’s achievement Programme (SAP).