Whatsapp introducing once viewable feature

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Whatsapp introducing once viewable feature

The messaging app WhatsApp is introducing once viewable feature, a feature this week to allow users to gain more control over their privacy and save their phone’s memory by disappearing from chat after opening the photos and videos.

For example, if you want to send a picture view of something new, like  trying clothes at a store, a quick response to a moment, or something sensitive like a Wi-Fi password. It can be once viewed.

Like all of your personal messages sent to the WhatsApp, once-viewable media is stored from beginning to end, so the WhatsApp can’t see them.

They will also be clearly marked with a new ‘one-time’ icon, the WhatsApp will be shown as ‘opened’ after the media is viewed.

This week the WhatsApp will feature private and disappearing media for all users.