Two Pakistani female climbers plan to climb K2

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Two Pakistani female climbers plan to climb K2

Two Pakistani female climbers plan to climb K2, one of the world’s most dangerous peaks this year. Climber Samina Baig has reached K2 base camp while Naila Kiyani has also come to Pakistan from Dubai for her mission.

K2 is the second highest peak in the world. At 8,611 meters, this peak is considered to be the most dangerous peak for mountaineering.

So far no female climber from Pakistan has climbed this peak. The total number of women who have successfully completed K2 from other countries of the world is less than 10.

However, this time two of Pakistan’s top female climbers decided to climb the hardest mountain.

Samina Baig, from Shamshal village in Hunza, has reached K2 base camp to complete her mission and will start advancing towards Camp One in the next two days.

She is expected to complete her summit by mid-July, but this will depend on the weather.

She has also tried to head to K2 in 2015 and 2021 but due to weather conditions and accidents she had to leave the summit incomplete.

In 2013, Samina Baig became the first Pakistani woman to climb the world’s highest peak, Mount

Naila Kiyani
Naila Kiyani – K2 adventure will begin


On the other hand, Naila Kiyani, a mountaineer living with her family in Dubai, has also arrived in Pakistan with the intention of making a head start this year.

She will travel to Skardu in the next day or two, where the K2 adventure will begin.

Naila Kiyani had the honor of being the first Pakistani woman to climb any peak above 8,000 meters inside Pakistan last year by climbing the 8,035-meter-high Gesherbrum.