Three memebr bench to decide Shahbaz Sharif’s bail plea

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LAHORE: The Chief Justice Lahore High Court constituted a bench headed by Justice Ali Baqir Najafi on the issue of bail in reference to Shahbaz Sharif’s beyond income assets case.

The three-member bench constituted by the Lahore High Court included Justice Alia Neelam and Justice Shahbaz Rizvi.

Earlier, the Registrar Lahore High Court sent a file to the Chief Justice for the appointment of a referee judge.

It may be noted that in the beyond income assets in excess case, Justice Sardar Sarfraz Dogar granted bail to Shahbaz Sharif while Justice Asjad Javed Gharal had rejected it.

Following the dissenting note from Justice Asjad Javed Gharal, legal experts said that the matter would be referred to the Chief Justice, in which case he would appoint a referral judge for decision.