February 27, 2024

Thai monks visit historical Buddhist sites in Takht Bhai

Takht Bhai Budhist temple

Thai monks visit historical Buddhist sites in Takht Bhai

A 130-member Thai monk delegation visited historical and religious places of Buddhism in Takht Bhai area of ​​Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The delegation performed rituals at various Buddhist religious places established in Takht Bhai.

The delegation also thanked the Government of Pakistan for the protection and good maintenance of religious and historical places.

The delegation of Thailand said that Pakistan is an important country for minorities, every year people of different religions freely come to Pakistan from abroad to perform religious rituals.

The Thai monks also said that the arrival of pilgrims from abroad is a reflection that religious tolerance is given importance in Pakistan.

It should be noted that the Buddhist religious site established in Takht Bhai is one of the largest ancient monasteries in the world.

Takht Bhai was part of the Gandhara civilization, one of the earliest urban settlements in the history of the subcontinent.

In there are Swat Museum, Saidu Sharif Stupa and Butkara Buddhist Monastery, Buddhist monks use to visit their historical and religious sites every year.