Taliban clamp curfew in Afghan city Khost

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Taliban clamp curfew in Afghan city Khost

Aug 19,2021 Monitoring Desk

The Taliban administration has clamped curfew in the Afghan city Khost, after which the streets wore deserted look.

Taliban officials said all movement in Khost has been banned and asked the citizens to stay home till further orders.

Authorities said the curfew is aimed at preventing unrest in the city.

Demonstrations were also staged in Khost yesterday over the issue of the Afghan national flag.

Several people were killed during a shooting during at Independence Day rally in the Afghan city of Assadabad.

The British news agency quoted an eyewitness as saying that the Taliban opened fire on the hoisting of the national flag during a rally in Asadabad.

According to eyewitnesses, it was not clear whether the deaths were caused by gunfire or by a stampede.

Taliban spokesman has not yet commented on the shooting in Asadabad.

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