Sub soil water extraction will be charged in Karachi

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Sub soil water extraction will be charged in Karachi

KAARCHI Aug 10,2021 – Sindh cabinet approved the proposal of Karachi Water Board a tariff on groundwater extraction, now Rs. 1 per liter will be charged from the soft drink companies for sub soil water.

The Sindh cabinet accorded approved Approval to equate Sub Engineers BS-11 (SCUG) of Local Government Department with Irrigation, Works, PHE and Education Works. Now, if any SCUG employee reports to the Local Government Board, his salary will be released immediately by the board.

The salary of the employee waiting for posting will not be stopped. Chief Minister of Sindh.

SST on renting machinery increased

The cabinet approves some amendments to Sindh Revenue Board Act (SRB) according to which cabinet raised SST on services of renting of machinery, equipment, tools from 5% to 13%.

The amendments to Labor Department Rules of Business Schedule I and II were also approved.


The functions of Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority has been increased.

Tariff for sub soil water

Sindh Cabinet decided to take back 29 acres of Slaughter House Buffalo Colony land from KMC because the KMC could not run its own slaughter house.

Slaughter house land withdrawn

A biogas plant for BRT Red Line will be set up on the land of Slaughter House in Buffalo Colony.

Sindh government directed the KMC to form new slaughterhouse. The Sindh government will provide  land to KMC for slaughter house at another place.