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SPO arranges heat wave camp in Umerkot

Heat wave

SPO arranges heat wave camp in Umerkot

UMERKOT, May 15,2022- The Strengthening Partnership Organization- SPO under the umbrella of “Faith in Action for Sustainable Climate Resilience Project’’ is working with the District Administration Umerkot to tackle the heat wave due to rising temperature in Umerkot.

The SPO, in collaboration with the District Administration, Umerkot, set up a heatwave camp in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office so that passers-by could drink cold water, drink sherbet and learn about the precautionary measures of heatwave.

On the first day of the camp, Mr. Kabir Shah Addl Deputy Commissioner-I Mr. Saroop Chand Malhi Deputy Director Social Welfare Department, Rafi Ahmed and Mushtaque Ahmed visited the camp of SPO at Umerkot.

SPO arranges heat wave camp in Umerkot
SPO arranges heat wave camp in Umerkot

With the guidance and collective efforts of District Administration, various NGOs have been organizing heat wave camps on different places in Umerkot district where people are drinking cold water, sherbet and taking rest during the hot day.

Many laborers from remote areas of Umerkot come to Umerkot city to work on a daily basis and the heatwave of 2022 completely disturbed them. Therefore, following a letter from the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) on the direction of the Deputy Commissioner, the Strengthening Partnership Organization-SPO Umerkot organized a heatwave camp with the support of FACE Volunteer Group in front of the DC office.

Other CSOs from Umerkot have also set up heat wave camps on the straight road from Teen Talwar Chowk Umerkot to DC Office to Bus Terminal.

Raising temperature form May 11 ,2022 District Administration called an emergency joint meeting of working CSOs and Government department to arrange heatwave camps with safe and clean cold water for the people who work all the day in harsh weather.

The non-governmental organization and departments of Government along with the District Administration and PDMA are working hard to help the people during this heatwave emergency. They also shared precautions and put-up banners with a clear message of heatwave precautions.