Sindh reports 38 crimes against women, 4 against minorities in 10 days

'Sindh Law order meeting'

Sindh reports 38 crimes against women, 4 against minorities in 10 days

KARACHI Aug 25,202138 crimes against women, 4 cases of crime against minorities reported in 10 days in Sindh

This was informed to a high level meeting presided by the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, which reviewed the law and order and the crimes committed during the 10 days.

The meeting was informed that four crimes against minorities were committed in the last 10 days from August 11 to 20.

 Sindh Chief Minister directed that police should take necessary steps in the province in view of the Afghan situation.

Street crime down by 30% in Karachi

He said we have all worked hard to establish peace in the province, especially in Karachi and we will not allow this peace to be disturbed in any way. He asked the police to do their homework.

Additional IG Karachi said that street crime has come down by 30%.

I want complete control over street crime, Chief Minister of Sindh told the police officers.

The Chief Minister Sindh was informed that 350 vehicles of the guards were seized along with the weapons of private vehicles in the southern zone.

One vehicle and its weapons were checked and the license was also checked.

Chief Minister of Sindh said, there is a complete ban on the display of weapons, but the private guards also stand at home with rifles. The police should instruct them to stay in the compound of houses, he said.

Security of foreign nationals

Chief Minister said the foreigners are working on various projects in Sindh, their security should be ensure.

The Sindh Chief Minister directed the police to compile data of all the foreign nationals working in the province and added, “We need to further improve their security system.” 

He further directed the police to talk to foreign nationals working in the private sector about their security.

Kidnapping attracted by female voice

Sindh Chief Minister was informed that five cases of kidnapping were reported in the province during last 10 days. In these cases, there are four people who were abducted by attracting in the female voice. IG Sindh Police told the meeting, “We are close to this group of kidnappers and will arrest them soon.”

Sindh Chief Minister directed the police to launch an awareness campaign in this regard.

Crime against women and minorities

4 cases against minorities reported in 10 days in Sindh of these crimes took place in one in each Karachi South, Karachi East and Mirpurkhas districts.

There were 38 crimes against women, which included five in Karachi South, 15 in Karachi East, one in Karachi West, five in Hyderabad, three in Shaheed Benazirabad, two in Sukkur and Larkana.

There were 27 cases against minorities in the province.

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The Chief Minister Sindh was informed that 263 drug cases were registered across the province.

Of these cases, 51 occurred in South, 77 in East, 53 in West, 16 in Hyderabad, 15 in Mirpur Khas, 13 in Shaheed Benazirabad, 21 in Sukkur and 17 in Larkana.


The Chief Minister Sindh was informed that a targeted operation is underway against drug mafias and 263 drug cases registered. Many arrests have been made in the light of registered cases.

Police involvement

Two policemen were caught in short term kidnapping and both police officers have been arrested.

The Sindh Chief Minister directed the Additional IG Karachi to punish him in such a way that he would become an example.

Issue monthly report to media

The police should issue a report on crime to the media on a monthly basis. The report should state how many cases were reported and how many cases were resolved, Chief Minister said.

Sindh Chief Minister congratulates Sindh Police for keeping peace on Muharram and August 14.

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