Sheikh Rasheed equates Sindhis with Biharis on issuance of CNIC

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Important days till October 15, Sheikh Rasheed

Issuing NIC to Biharis and Sindhis is controversial, minister says

KARACHI: Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said issue of National identity cards issuance to Sindhis and Biharis is being raised. It is a bit bigger case for me to handle. There are two opinions: One is that Biharis and Sindhis be issued national identity card, the second is that NIC should not be issued. This is being discussed in the meeting, whatever Imran Khan decides will be done.

Addressing a news conference here on Sunday, he announced that more NADRA and Passport offices will be opened in Karachi.

He said over 300 thousand visas have been issued and 12000 visas rejected during his tenure.

He said E-Passport system will also be inaugurated from Karachi by June this year.

Sheikh Rashid said FIA Cyber Crime wing is being strengthened and the new capable youngster will be recruited.

Reply to a question, Sheikh Rashid said that the process of fencing the Afghan border will be completed by June this year and work is underway on the border with Iran.