Swiss case against Zardari being reopened

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KARACHI: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed addressing a press conference said that the Swiss case against Zardari was being reopened, adding that the previous government spent 60 million on the Swiss case.

The minster added the Broadsheet inquiry commission had ordered reopening of Swiss account cases against PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari.

During the press conference, he declared himself a soldier of the Khatam-e- Nubuwwat and said that he had held talks with Tahreek-e-Laibek Pakistan and in this regard legislation would be made.

Referring to Shangla killings the minister said 16 dead of 18 of abducted people from Shangla have been found.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that incident took place in September 2011 when the Taliban were reigning they abducted 18 people, two of them are still missing, while 16 bodies have been found in a house.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was repeatedly asked about the Advisor to the Prime Minister Shehzad Akbar. He said that a campaign was being launched against Shehzad Akbar because he was investigating the sugar mafia and he should be allowed to do what he was doing. Wrong and right will be decided by the court.