SC accepts to hear contract officers case

Supreme court karachi registry

SRB submits report to SC on computerization of land records

KARACHI (June 17, 2021): The Supreme Court Karachi Registry has accepted for hearing the petitions against the decision of the Sindh High Court on the issue of making contract officers above grade 16 permanent without a Public Service Commission.

The Supreme Court issued notices to all the parties seeking arguments.

During the hearing, Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed asked whether the government was adopting two different methods for the appointments or making permeant the officers.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said that in this way, anyone will be made an officer tomorrow. How can officers be made permanent without a commission? How can the government take this step by bypassing the law?

He said that the Public Service Commission would discriminate against the officers, thus making both eligible and ineligible candidates equal.

Advocate General Sindh said that it is feared that there will be a shortfall of government officers from all over the country. All provinces are making contract officers permanent without Public Service Commission.

AG Sindh added, this practice is not only in Sindh but in all provinces. He said that the case should be heard in Islamabad and opinions should be sought from all the provinces and a special committee should be constituted to appoint officers on merit.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan asked why you do not send contract officers to the Public Service Commission instead of the committee.

The Chief Justice asked how many officers are promoted without a Public Service Commission?

Advocate General Sindh said that about 2,000 officers would be affected in Sindh.