Sara Inam

Sara Inam’s parents reach Islamabad

The parents of slain Sara Inam, who was killed by the son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir, reached Pakistan from Canada.

Police sources said that the deceased’s father, Engineer Inam-ur-Rehman, reached Islamabad along with his wife. Sara Inam’s dead body will be handed over to her parents.

The funeral prayer of the deceased will be offered in Shahzad Town area of ​​Islamabad on the afternoon of September 28.

Police recover illegal Kalashnikov

There has been progress in the investigation of the case of Sara Inam, daughter-in-law of senior journalist Ayaz Amir, who was killed in Islamabad. The police recovered an illegal Kalashnikov from the house of accused Shahnawaz.

Police said that a case has been registered against accused Shahnawaz in Shehzad Town police station for possession of illegal weapons.

Police sources say that the police also recovered Sara Inam’s purse and shirt from the accused’s farmhouse, UAE dirhams and US dollars were also recovered from the victim’s purse.

Sources say that the car bought with the victim’s money has also been recovered from the accused’s farmhouse. The accused also demanded money from the victim from abroad at different times.

Ayaz Amir’s son killed his wife

It may be noted that on Friday, September 23, Shahnawaz, son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir, brutally killed his wife Sara by stabbing her with a dumbbell in Chak Shahzad area of ​​Islamabad.

The accused Shah Nawaz was taken into custody by the police from the crime scene.

The accused’s mother Samina Shah and father Ayaz Ameer were named as accused by the deceased Sara’s uncle and aunt, after which Ayaz Ameer was arrested.

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Sara arrived in Pakistan from Dubai one day before the murder

The deceased Sara had arrived in Pakistan from Dubai a day before her murder, Shah Nawaz’s affair with the deceased Sara started at night.

Ayaz Amir’s ex-wife was living with her son at the farmhouse, the deceased Sara was working in Dubai, Sara had reached Pakistan and bought a car a day before her murder.

Contacted on social media, got married 3 months ago

The deceased Sara Inam got in touch with Shah Nawaz on a social networking website, then they got married three months ago.

An important development has come out in the investigation of the Sara Inam murder case, after the accused killed his wife, he shredded her Canadian passport and tried to destroy the evidence.

The police recovered six mobile phones from the crime scene, five mobile phones belong to accused Shahnawaz Amir and one mobile phone belongs to Sara Inam.

Police sources say that the accused had broken one of his and Sara’s mobile phone devices during the murder, the accused tried to destroy the evidence by breaking the mobile phone used to contact the victim.

Sources say that the police sent 6 mobile phones to the laboratory for forensics, the police will recover the data of the mobile phones and find out the reason for the dispute between the two.

Police sources say that the accused also destroyed the victim’s Canadian passport by cutting it into pieces with scissors, some pieces of the victim’s passport and scissors were found at the crime scene.

Police sources say that the car bought for Sara was taken into custody and transferred to the police station. The accused kept in touch with his father through his mobile phone. Before the police arrived, the accused cleaned the blood in the room with a cloth. The accused put the body in the bathtub and tried to wash off the blood.

Sources say that according to the preliminary investigation of the police, Sara was also hit with a dumbbell.