Sakina Samo annoyed at Resham, Ali Zafar, being awarded Pride of Performance

Actress Reshma, who has bagged the Presidential Award for Best Performance, has reacted strongly to the criticism of senior actor Sakina Simmons.

Talking with a news agency, Reshma said, “It means, I am not entitled to any honors, but is the opinion that our senior actors are giving to their junior artists, is it correct?”

Reshma said, “Senior actors appreciate the hard work of their juniors, they have a big heart for them, but here the struggle and hard work of juniors is being harmed at the hands of seniors.”

She prayed for senior actress Sakina Samo and said, “May Allah Almighty bless Sakina with many honors.” “When a person tries to show another person down, he is actually showing his character in front of others,” she added.

Sakina Samoo had expressed reservations over singer Ali Zafar and actress Reshma receiving the Presidential Award for Excellence.

The senior actress had said, “It took me 40 years to reach the place of winning the presidential award, I was saddened to see that the government of Pakistan has given such a big presidential award to artists like Ali Zafar and Reshma. Sakina Samo opined, “In my view, Ali Zafar and Reshma do not deserve the presidential honor.”

Sakina Samo is a senior showbiz artist began her acting career in regional television plays and radio dramas in Pakistan. Her breakthrough screen performance in Dewareen, a social-drama  written by Abdul Qadir Junejo , examining honor killings in Pakistani society. She earned recognition as the nation’s leading character actress through Dewareen.