Rs.1,100 bn shifted from urban to rural economy, says Fawad

Fawad criticizes Sindh govt for banning opposition in provincial assembly

ISLAMABAD, (May 28): Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is the most popular leader in Pakistan as the people, who voted him to power, are still his ardent fans.

Even in next general elections, Imran Khan would get the majority votes and be the prime minister for another tenure, he said this while speaking during BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ programme.

Sharing the achievements of government, Fawad said at present Pakistan’s growth rate was 3.94 %, despite the COVID-19 crisis. About Rs.1,100 billion, he said, had shifted from the urban economy to the rural economy. “This year, Pakistan has got four bumper crops”, he said, adding a record number of tractors had been purchased by farmers.

To a question, Fawad said, “Pakistan is one of the freest states as far as media is concerned.” There were about 43 international channels, including BBC; 112 local private channels; 258 FM channels; and 1,569 print publications, and in the presence of such kind of huge mass media, how the state could be accused of intimidating the media, he questioned.

As regards stopping a local channel (Aaj TV) from airing a BBC programme, Fawad said the BBC was the most-watched international channel in Pakistan and the government had never obstructed its transmission. The BBC Urdu, he added, would be allowed to telecast its programmes subject to following the local laws.

Responding to a question in regard to an attack on journalist Asad Toor, the minister said he immediately took cognizance of the matter. A senior police officer was investigating it and those responsible for the act would be apprehended.

The minister said he had huge respect for Google, Facebook, and other technology companies. “I want them to come to Pakistan to open their offices, we want to do business with them, and we acknowledge their contribution for the world”.