Rs 110 million corruption in TMA Diplo

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Rs 110 million corruption in TMA Diplo

SC grants interim bail to 17 accused

KARACHI Dec 30,2021- The Supreme Court granted pre-arrest interim bail to 17 accused of corruption case in TMA Diplo, which was converted into security bail.

The Court orders accused to appear in trial court within 15 days.

NAB Prosecutor said that the accused have embezzled Rs 110 million in corruption case in TMA Diplo in government contracts.

The accused include government officials, employees and contractors.

Following the NAB Amendment Ordinance, the power of bail has been transferred to the trial court, NAB’s plea in the court.

The High Court granted interim bail to the accused which is being considered as security.

The Supreme Court disposed of the pre-arrest bail application.

NAB said that the collusion of the accused has caused loss of crores to the national exchequer, and further investigation is underway against the accused.