Remembering renowned scholar Ghulam Hussain Rangrez

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Remembering renowned scholar Ghulam Hussain Rangrez

Today is birthday of renowned poet, scholar, writer, translator and activist Ghulam Hussein Rangrez. He lived in an era when writers were playing more active role in politics and creating awareness, as new Sindhi middle class was not much developed.

Ghulam Hussain Rangrez was among those galaxy stars of Mirpur Bathoro. This land produced sincere, hardworking, intellectually sound persons like Qasim Pathar, Sufi Huzoor Bux, Aijaz Khwaja, Ghulam Hussain Rangrez and many more.

Rangrez was born on April 18, 1945 in Mirpur Bathoro (now in district Sujawal). His forefathers used to colour clothes, so they were called Rangrez.

Ghulam Hussein received his elementary education in Mirpur Bathoro and started his teaching job as primary teacher in 1963. After passing the LLB examination from Sindh Law College, Hyderabad, with a MA (Political Science), B.ed and M.ed from Sindh University, Jamshoro, he was appointed secondary teacher in 1967 and Lecturer in Elementary College of Education Mirpur Bathoro in 1985.

Renowned Sindhi writer Ghulam Hussain Rangrez dies 

From a Munshi to revolutionary poet

He happily provided social and national awareness to incoming teachers for on-the-job training. He retired in 1994 and began his regular law practice since 1995. Ghulam Hussein Rangrez started writing when he was studying matric.

In those day Mirpur Bathoro had literary circles namely ‘Bazm -e- Adab’ and ‘Tehreek Tameer Adab’, in which they participated. As a result of his association with these literary organisations, his writings gained maturity, purpose, meaning, color and style.

He later was associated with the Sindhi Adabi Sangat, the largest and popular literary organisation of Sindhi. Here he came into contact with modern and advanced literature and his writings became more progressive and pro-people.

Abdul Fateh Abdul Bothorai was said to be mentor of Rangrez, who was one of the best poets of his time and associated with Bazsm Sufi-e- Sindh”.

Ghulam Hussein wrote in all genres of literature, including essays, research, stories, columns, criticisms and translations.

On request of Sohail Sangi, the founder editor of Awami Awaz he wrote column titled ‘ If I speak truth’ (Je Chwan Sach) which were featured in this daily for a long time.

Ghulam Hussein Rangrez was elected as unopposed secretary general of the Sindhi Adabi Sangat in 1988, and during his tenure the performance of the Sindhi Adabi Sangat remained quite prominent. The organization and coordination among the branches of the Sangat remained praiseworthy, he revived the ‘Sangat’ organ of the Sindhi Adabi Sangat.

He opened branches of the Sangat outside Sindh, including Quetta, Wah Cantt, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, organized many conferences and successful literary programs.
Ghulam Hussain Rangrez’s poetry is also sung by the famous singers of Sindh. His published books are:

(1)       Sarmad chha tho sochy ‘(collection of articles), (2)’ Wakhar So wihae’ (essays), (3)’ Ghulam Ja Tahkerra’ ( Alf-Laili drama translated from English 1990), (4) ‘Akhyeen Unjj Apaar’ (Poetry: 2005). and (5) warq Warq Zindgi (Pages from Dairy: 2010). (7) Rooh Rabab (autobiography), (8) History written on stones of tombs (Sindh and Balochistan) and (9) Jharokn ma Jhatyoon(articles).

Politically and ideologically Ghulam Hussain Rangrez remained with Left and nationalist movement.

He died at Karachi Civil Hospital on September 2, 2021 after suffering a heart attack.

He lived a very graceful life and remained uncontroversial throughout his life and struggle.