Punjab govt forms committee to probe Greater Iqbal Park incident

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Minar-e-Pakistan incident: Lahore court seeks reply

LAHORE Aug 19,2021- Chief Minister Usman Bazdar also ordered an inquiry against the police regarding Greater Iqbal Park incident.

CM Punjab’s spokesman Fayazul Hassan Chauhan said the neglect of policemen will be identified in the incident.

Why did the incident happen? The Punjab government formed a police inquiry committee headed by MD Safe City Sardar Ali Khan,

DIG Internal Accountability Muhammad Yousuf Malik and AIG Logistics Athar Ismail Amjad will also join the committee.

The inquiry committee will determine the responsibility of the incident on the police personnel stationed in Greater Iqbal.

The nature of the police response after the incident will also be reviewed

The inquiry committee will investigate, Why was there a delay in lodging the FIR of the incident?

A comprehensive report of the incident will be submitted to IG Punjab by August 22.

A female Tik Toker was attacked by mob in Greater Iqbal Park Lahore on Independence Day in Greater Iqbal Park, where she was recording a video with her friends.

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The victim woman Ayesha Akram said the mob tore her clothes and they kept throwing her in the air, beating her.

There was up roar on social media and political circles about the incident questioning the safety of woman in society.

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto and PMLN president Shehbaz Sharif also condemned the incident.

UKs and PWMN perturbed at the actions of some media anchors

Aseefa Bhutto Zardari condemning the incident tweeted that it is bitter truth that Pakistan is not safest place for women.

Amnesty International was alarmed by the assault of a woman in Lahore in broad daylight on 14 August.

Uks Research Centre and Pakistani Women’s Media Network (PWMN) strongly condemn the heinous incident that took place at the Minar-e-Pakistan where a woman was harassed, attacked, physically assaulted and for a considerable period of time no one came to her help.

UKs and PWMN  perturbed at the actions of some media anchors

UKs and PWMN are also very perturbed at the actions of some media anchors who once again acted irresponsibly while trying to play the Messiah and visited the woman’s house and got themselves photographed while ‘placing their hands on her head’. We appeal to all Media to kindly respect the privacy of the suffering woman.

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