PPP decides to join the federal government; will get 8 ministries

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PPP decides to join the federal government; will get 8 ministries

ISLAMABAD, May 5,2024:  PPP- Pakistan Peoples Party, the major ally of Pakistan Muslim League (N) has decided in principle to join the federal government after appointing its governors in two provinces.

Although there has been no official announcement or confirmation from the important sources of the party in Islamabad about the joining of the PPP in the federal government, but this decision is unlikely at the moment. He did not reject it at all.

According to sources, this development came after a one-on-one meeting between Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto in Islamabad yesterday.

It was reported that in the meeting between the two leaders, the issue of nomination of the governors of the two provinces was discussed, while according to Muslim League sources, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif formally invited Bilawal Bhutto to join the federal government in the meeting, the topic of some ministries was also discussed. There was a discussion.

In response to a question, the aforementioned sources described the previous performance of party chairman Bilawal Bhutto as the foreign minister as a wonderful period of performance in the country’s foreign affairs.

According to the above mentioned sources, as a result of the implementation of the proposed decision, the People’s Party may get eight ministries, while it has already been decided to make Rubina Khalid of the People’s Party the Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Program.

It should be noted that after the general elections of February 8, 2024, Pakistan People’s Party and Muslim League (N) had agreed to cooperate to form the government at the center with the support of other parties.

At that time Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had said that we will not be part of the federal government and will vote for the Prime Ministerial candidate of (N) League.