Demonstrations against Israel in American universities, 2300 arrested 

American universities Protest

Demonstrations against Israel in American universities, 2300 arrested (file foto)

Protests against Israeli aggression and roundups of demonstrators continue in American universities.

Police arrested several students who protested against Israeli aggression at Virginia State University in the United States.

According to the American media, the police have arrested 25 students of the University of Virginia, the number of people arrested during protests in American universities has increased from 2300.

On the other hand, students also protested against Israeli aggression in Germany, where the police arrested several demonstrators.

In addition, thousands of Israelis have once again protested against the Gaza war in Tel Aviv and demanded an immediate cease-fire from the government.

According to foreign media, the protesters said that the Israeli hostages should be brought back to Israel safely.

The protesters have also demanded not to carry out the Rafah operation.

Students in Ireland and Switzerland join Gaza protest wave

Students at Trinity College Dublin and Lausanne University in Switzerland have staged occupations to protest against Israel’s war in Gaza, joining a wave of demonstrations sweeping US campuses.

In Dublin, students built an encampment on Friday that forced the university to restrict campus access on Saturday and close the Book of Kells exhibition, one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions.

The camp was set up after the students’ union said it had been fined 214,000 euros ($230,000) by the university for losses caused by protests in recent months, not exclusively over Gaza. The protesters were demanding that Trinity cut academic ties with Israel and divest from companies with ties to Israel.