PM forms cell to gather intelligence for effective law enforcement

Imran Khan

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ISLAMABD Aug 27,2021- Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed to create an agency whose ostensible purpose is to gather intelligence for effective law enforcement, but it has caused a stir in the bureaucracy, as it fears the National Crisis Information Management Cell will be used to monitor them, says a report of leading Urdu daily.

The cell will operate under the Ministry of Home Affairs and will be headed by a Grade-21 officer. Grade 20 officers from ISI, IB, Directorate General of Military Operations, Provincial Home Department, Police, and Ministry of Information will be part of this cell.

An Attempt to revive the National Crisis Management Cell

An Interior Ministry official said the NCIMC was an attempt to revive the National Crisis Management Cell, which was set up under General (retd) Pervez Musharraf under the leadership of Brigadier Javed Iqbal Cheema. The agency was tasked with gathering information on terrorism from the provinces and intelligence agencies.

Media quoting the reliable sources said that the Prime Minister has approved the formation of the cell and the officers required for it. The official said the NCMC was almost inactive and had been operating without a head for a long time. Instead of cooperating with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the ministry monitored its work by monitoring the media was left to be conveyed to the higher authorities

 Its own information system was inactive. In view of this situation, it was decided to establish a new name from NICMC.

Momin Agha, a Grade 21 officer, has been appointed Director General. Earlier, he was the Home Secretary of Punjab. Another ministry official said the cell’s duty was to gather information about the CPEC, Round the clock.

The security of foreigners will also be its responsibility. Sectarian and terrorist incidents will also have to be monitored, although the cell will be under the Ministry of Home Affairs, but will also be in close touch with the Prime Minister’s Office and will keep the Prime Minister informed of the situation on a daily basis.