Pandora’s papers: Probe should start with federal ministers, analysts

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Pandora's papers: Probe should start with federal ministers, analysts

KARACHI Oct 05, 2021- Analysts in TV talk shows have asked to start probe from within the  ruling party’s circles.

Analysts in Geo’s program “Report Card” hosted  by Alina Farooq Sheikh said that Pandora Papers should be investigated from a criminal angle rather than a political angle. Investigations into Pandora Papers should begin with federal cabinet ministers. Sohail Warraich said that lessons should be learned from the investigation of Pandora Papers and Panama Papers.

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Umer Cheema one of the reporter of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ) “Pandora Papers said Until the Prime Minister takes practical steps, we will keep reminding him of his promises.

Cell to probe Pakistanis named in Pandora Leaks

Imran Khan should also get a report from the NAB regarding Khusro Bakhtiar as to why the approved inquiry against him has not started yet, regarding issues related to Faisal Wawda.

The Prime Minister should also take note, the accountability process in the current government seems to be limited to the opposition.

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