Pakistanis drink tea worth Rs 83 billion in one year

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Pakistanis drink tea worth Rs 83 billion in one year

KARACHI, June13,2022- Pakistanis drank tea worth Rs 83 billion in just one year, while in the financial year 2021-22, millions of bicycles, motorcycles and thousands of rickshaws were also imported.

Budget documents reveal that Pakistan imported 13 billion more tea in 2012-13 than last year.

Last year, Pakistan imported tea worth Rs 70.82 billion, while in 2021, it imported more than Rs 83.88 billion.

The budget document states that last year Pakistan imported more than Rs 6 trillion worth of medicines, with Pakistan exporting mostly towels, garments and warm clothes abroad.

In the financial year 2021-22, Pakistan also imported more than 4.1 million bicycles and more than 4.4 million motorcycles, while imported more than 75,000 rickshaws and more than 4.3 million cars.

A massive increase of 35.8 per cent in per capita consumption of tea in Pakistan has been recorded from 2007 to 2016.

According to the market situation and medium-term outlook, published by the Food and Agriculture (FAO) of the United Nations, Pakistan is among the seven countries where per capita consumption of tea has been increased.

In 2016, black tea consumption in Pakistan has been estimated at 1,72,911 tonnes which is expected to increase to 2,50,755 tonnes in 2027, the FAO report projects. This showed in next five years, tea consumption will increase by 77,844 tonnes.