Pakistan floods: millions of people engaged in battle for survival

flood victims

Eight flood victims die in single day in Mehar camp - file foto

One-third of Pakistan is under water, while millions of people are engaged in the battle for survival. The water level in the Indus River is constantly high. Prime Minister Shehbaz Shairf after visiting Sindh districts also visited Charsadda, Nowshera in KP.

Flood disasters are ongoing across the country, one third of Pakistan is under water, and millions of people are engaged in the battle for survival.

The water level in the Indus River is continuously rising, the areas of Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been badly affected, 75 more people have died. The total number has become 1136.

Severe floods cause losses of $10 billion to Pakistan’s economy

Floods and rains claim 982 lives, highest number in Sindh

After the pressure of flood water from Balochistan increased, Sindh is facing floods again, a 30 feet wide breach occurred in the last defense line superio Bund of Mehar Tehsil of Dadu district, floodwater started moving towards Mehar, from which 100 more villages are likely to be affected. To reduce the water pressure, the Sindh government has administered cut to Johi canal, the flood will affect 60 villages including Johi town.

In the Indus River near Kandiaro, the feudals embankment was broken due to the flood, due to which the water entered the Bakhri.  The breach in drain near Sanghar could not be repaired, due to which the water started moving towards the city of Sanghar and many villages came under water.

The rescue operation of Pak Navy is going on. The flood victims were going to safe places by boat from Bilawalpur village of Sewhan when the boat broke and capsized on the way, as a result of which thirty people including women and children in the boat drowned, three people died and seven people were injured. They have been rescued alive while the search for 15 drowning women and 5 children is on.

Due to continuous rains in Khairpur, 2 floors of a 5-storey building collapsed, 15 people were buried under the debris.

After cut in Puran –LBOD, Jhudo town and surrounding area was submerged.

As many as 180000 people are homeless in Charsadda, 30 people drowned due to boat capsize in Sewhan, while ten people died, seven survived and search for 15 women and 5 children is going on. Alert has been issued in Taunsa, Chashma, Guddu and Sukkur, water level in Kabul river is low but there is high flood at Nowshera, several communication roads and houses in Kalam have been washed away.

The Prime Minister visited the relief camps established for the victims in Charsada district and Nowshera city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa affected by floods and rains and reviewed the facilities.

Federal Minister for Climate Change, Sherry Rehman, while talking to the French news agency, said that floods resulting from record monsoon rains have left one-third of Pakistan under water, creating a crisis of ‘unimaginable proportions’. There is a big ocean everywhere, no dry land to drain the water out.