Floods and rains claim 982 lives, highest number in Sindh

Floods 2022

Severe floods cause losses of $10 billion to Pakistan’s economy

  • Six more dams crack in Balochistan
  • Floodwaters entered Nowshera 
  • Munda Headwork cracks

Floods and rains claimed 982 lives, highest number is in Sindh where people were killed due to house collapse incidents

After 45 more people died in the country due to floods and rains in 24 hours, the total number of deaths has reached 982, the highest number of deaths was 339 in Sindh.

NDMA said that 234 people died in Balochistan, 19 in KP due to floods and rains, 10 people died in KP, 33 in Sindh and two people died in Punjab during the last 24 hours.

According to the data released by NDMA, 113 people were injured due to floods and rains during the last 24 hours, while another 8 thousand 588 animals died during the last 24 hours, while a total of 8 lakh 2 thousand 583 animals died.

NDMA said that four more bridges were damaged during the last 24 hours, while 149 bridges were damaged due to recent rains and floods.

During the last 24 hours, another 11811 houses were damaged while a total of 682139 houses were damaged due to recent rains and floods.

As many as1456 people have been injured due to floods across the country, more than 82,000 animals have died during the rains across the country, while a total of 149 bridges and more than 682,000 houses have been damaged, according to NDMA.

Sindh Situation river FP embankment cracks,

In Sindh, local influential diverted water to villages to save their sugarcane crop.

Five to seven thousand people in three or four villages are affected by the flood situation in Moro.

One track of the National Highway is completely submerged in water while only one track is open for traffic.

Due to the floods, the pressure on the protection embankments of the Indus River has increased. Manchar Lake on the right bank of Indus river was filled.

Pressure on LBOD increasing on embankments increasing 

PM Shehbaz Sharif announces Rs 15 billion for flood victims of Sindh 

Train services suspended as rail track flooded near Nawabshah

Bilawal Bhutto visits flood victims in Larkana district

Qamber and Dadu districts were under danger.

The FP embankment was broken due to the arrival of the flood water.

The water overflowed after the Indus Highway was overtopped and started moving towards Warah.

Many families were trapped in the migration of both cities.

The FP dam collapsed due to the rapid currents near Qambar. The Pakistan Army is conducting an operation to evacuate the trapped people while the flood alert was issued in Warah and Qamber taluks after the collapse of the rescue dam.

The rain and flood currents have submerged the Indus Highway from Naseerabad. Migration has also started in the city. On the other hand, due to storm surges and flood flows in the Indus, the pressure has increased on the protection dams.

The ring embankment at Aral Head near Sewhan was flooded by 20 feet, more than 20 villages in Sewhan, Johi and Kakar have been submerged and the affected villagers have been forced to migrate on their own. There has been fear in the areas, despite receiving the information, the irrigation crews did not arrive to stop the irrigation.

Six more dams crack in Balochistan
Floods and rains: Six more dams crack in Balochistan

In Balochistan, six more dams were broken by flood rails. Many settlements were submerged in the areas of Ziarat, Pishin and Mastung.

The communication system was suspended in Ziarat while Panjra Bridge on Bolan National Highway in Naseerabad was destroyed in flash flood.


Edhi volunteers have rescued more than 400 people trapped in flood water.

In Balochistan, various highways covering 1000 kilometers have been severely affected by floods, while the total number of deaths in the province has reached 241.

Floodwaters entered Nowshera

Floodwaters entered Nowshera, causing more than 4 feet of water to accumulate in schools, hospitals and homes.

The residents have already evacuated their houses, while more people are being shifted to safer places. Nowshera police line was also submerged in flood water.

Munda Headwork cracks

The Munda Headwork near Charsadda was broken by the flood water around 11 pm on Friday.

Rajanpur district of Punjab was completely submerged in flood water. Apart from water, other problems have also added to the woes of the victims.

In the affected areas, administrative machinery is missing and there is shortage of food, while mothers are worried because of sick children.

Due to the houses being washed away, the victims are under the open sky, due to which the salvaged goods have also started to be destroyed.

The abundance of snakes in the flood-affected areas also added to the woes of the victims.

KP decides to open govt buildings for flood victims

Provincial Minister Kamran Bangash says that Chief Minister Mehmood Khan has issued orders to open the government buildings of the province for the victims.

He said that all higher education offices including colleges, libraries in the flood affected areas have been opened for the victims.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department said that epidemic diseases have broken out in various districts affected by floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, different districts of the province are under flood.

Reports said that more than 15,000 people have suffered from various diseases including stomach, vomiting, diarrhea and eyes in the flood affected areas.

Dera Ghazi Khan

The land route of the tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan has been closed for the eleventh day due to which people have started suffering from food shortage.