Noor Jehan: Losing hope for survival

Noor Jehan elephant

Noor Jehan: Losing hope for survival

KARACHI, Apr 19,2023- Noor Jahan, the elephant being treated in Karachi Zoo, hope for survival is losing. It has been three days and she could not sit up, crane is being used help her hope for survival move.

There are currently only four elephants in Pakistan, and one of them is in Karachi.

Dr. Amir Khalili, the head of the international team of examining doctors (Fourpaws), who came to Pakistan three times for examination and treatment.

According to sources, last week the zoo had told the authorities that once it sat down, it would not be able to get up, and it actually happened that the elephant could not get up once it sat in the lobe and was taken out by a crane.

Feamle elephant, Noor Jahan was taken out on land and covered with mud, now she is being treated there.

The zoo management banned non-technical staff from entering the zoo.

The administration said that the ban has been imposed by the administrator Karachi on the instructions of the Fourpaz team, until the condition of the elephant improves, the ban will remain in place.

The zoo management says that according to FourPaws, there is a rush due to non-technical staff, the rush causes difficulty in working and also disturbs the elephants.

A pair of elephants Madhu Bala along with 18-year-old Noor Jehan were brought to Karachi Zoo from Tanzania, of which Madhu Bala is healthy and the other pair of female elephants is in the Safari Park.

There are currently four elephants in the whole of Pakistan and these four are in Karachi, which are an important asset for the citizens of Karachi, especially students and children.

WWF Pakistan in its tweet said, Noor Jehan’s story is heartbreaking! It is also unfortunate because this is a familiar story of elephant neglect in Pakistan’s zoos.

Administrator Karachi Dr Syed Saifur Rehman visited the ailing elephant and said Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is making all efforts for the speedy recovery of our Noor Jehan.