New island emerges at Sonmiani coast near Karachi

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New island emerges at Sonmiani coast near Karachi

KARACHI Sep 09,2021- A new island has emerged in the sea near Sonmiani coast near Karachi.

WWF Pakistan Technical Adviser Moazzam Khan said that this new island has emerged in the west near Sonmiani.

He said the islands also emerged at the same location in 2010 and 2000 and added that the islands are emerging as geological activity increases in the region. 

WWF Pakistan expert Moazzam Khan also said that the emerging islands submerge in the sea again after some time.

Island also emerged near Gwadar coast

The small island “Koh Zalzila” (Earthquake Mountain) was merged after the 2013 earthquake in the coastal area of ​​Gwadar city of Balochistan, which gradually washed away in 2019.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the US space agency NASA released images of the island from its appearance to its disappearance in the waves. The “Earthquake Mountain” was formed after the eruption of mud and swampy volcanoes under water. Due to the erosion caused by the strong waves of the sea, the island has now completely disappeared.

Despite the release of toxic and flammable gases from the cracks of the island, the island remained a tourist attraction and a source of attraction for locals. The island was 295 feet high and 135 feet long but is now completely submerged. NASA captured the images with the help of Earth Observatory One and Landsat 8 satellites.

New island emerged at coast of North Carolina

In US a new island emerged off the coast of North Carolina in the United States in 2017, a campaign that is attracting tourists and photographers.

The island began to emerge in the spring, after which it gradually became more prominent.

According to locals, every ten to fifteen years we get to see some dramatic scenes, but this is the largest island we have ever seen.

The island, named Shelley Island.  

According to experts, people should avoid walking or swimming in or around it due to the risk of being attacked by sharks as well as being electrocuted and drowned.

The island is located in the ocean, part of the Bermuda Triangle, which covers an area of ​​440,000 miles.