Nawab Wali Muhammad incident: National Highway closed as Sit-in continues

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Nawab Wali Muhammad Incident: Sit-in

  • Lawyers boycott court proceedings in Nawabshah, Sukkur and Hyderabad 

NAWABSHAH, Feb 14,2022- To protest the killing of five people of Bhand Community, sit-in continued on the third day on National Highways near Nawab Wali Muhammad. Lawyers have extended their support and boycott the court proceedings in different cities

The Nawab Wali Muhammad incident took place over possession of 800 acres of land in Katcha area between Zardari and Bhand Communities in district Benazirabad.

The bodies are lying on the roads in Nawab Wali Muhammad where the heir and activists including Sindh United Party leader Syed Zain Shah are holding sit-in. They are demanding lodging of FIR and arrest of the main accused.

SUP leader Syed Zain Shah called for joint protest in Sindh today for the arrest of the accused while announcing strike on 15 February to protest against Nawab Wali Muhammad incident.

Lawyers extend support

Due to not lodging of case by police, lawyers boycotted the court proceedings in Qazi Ahmed and some other cities.

District Bar Nawabshah has boycotted the proceedings of Nawab Wali Muhammad incident in all the lower courts of the district today.

District Bar General Secretary Ali Raza Channa, Rahim Lashari, GM Khaskheli and others said that the killers of 5 innocent people of Bhand community should be arrested immediately.

The Thari Merwah Bar has also boycotted the court proceedings today.

The Sukkur District Bar Association has boycotted the court proceedings and the lawyers did not appeare in the Sessions Court, Model Court, Consumers Court and Anti-Corruption Court.

According to the Hyderabad District Bar Association, the proceedings in the lower courts including Sessions Court and Civil Courts have been suspended by the lawyers.

Land dispute between Zardari and Bhand groups claims five lives in Nawabshah

Circular issued by District Bar Association General Secretary Ashar Majeed Khokhar suspending the proceedings.

Matter was to be settled in Jirga

On Feb 12, six people including an SHO police were killed over a dispute for occupation of 800 acres of land in Nawab Wali Muhammad.

Dispute between Bhand and Zardari communities flared up again, which lost five lives on Friday.

Bhand community people said that the rival group wanted to harvest the crop with the help of police. This caused a clash as a result of which five people have been killed and five others injured.

The injured were identified as Ayaz Bhand, Toha Faqir Bhand, Akhtar Bhand, Haji Bhand, Dilawar Sangrah, Ali Bhand, Amin Bhand, Deedar Sangrah and Khan Bhand.

According to SSP Nawabshah, it is learned that SHO of Mirzapur Police Station Abdul Hameed Koso has been martyred.

The dispute over land was to be settled in a jirga headed by Saradr Manzoor Khan Panhwar, but holding of jirga was delayed somehow. The land’s custody was with the Deputy Commissioner Benazirabad this the decision by the jirga.