National Solar Energy Policy to be announced in August

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National Solar Energy Policy to be announced in August

An important meeting of the Energy Task Force was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in which it has been stated that the National Solar Energy Policy will be announced on August 1.

It was decided in the meeting that the implementation of the solar energy policy will be subject to the approval of the Council of Common Interests, and the Prime Minister’s House and Office will be converted to solar energy within a month.

آ briefing was given in the meeting on the measures taken to promote solar energy in the country and it was informed that the proposal to transfer the fuel powered power houses to solar energy is under consideration.

It was informed in the meeting that the proposal of 2000 feeders of 11 KV solar power generation is also under consideration, solarization of tubewells will also be done in the country.

During the briefing, it was informed that the plan to transfer tube wells to solar energy in Balochistan with government funding is also under consideration, 30 thousand tube wells will be transferred to solar energy, which will cost 300 billion rupees.

Providing affordable, environment-friendly electricity is a priority

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said during the meeting that providing cheap and environment-friendly electricity to the people is the first priority of the government. The government is trying to make the country self-sufficient in the energy sector.

It further says that solar energy will not face problems like distribution losses, power theft, and revolving credit.