Nasir Shah rebuts opponents criticism Defends PPP

Nasir Shah rebuts opponents criticism Defends PPP

KARACHI Aug 8,2021- Sindh Minister for Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has rebutted statements by some political parties against the Sindh government and PPP.

Nasir Shah said Haleem Adil criticizes IG police, but reminded that your hands are not clean, you will see the police even in your sleep.

Sindh Minister warned that Haleem Adil should stop land grabbing, extortion, he will find peace. He added that Haleem Adil is known for his immorality and rudeness in the politics of the province.

Nasir Shah said that Haleem Adil is not even supported by his opposition in the Sindh Assembly.

Referring to the statement of Shahbaz Gill about hoisting PTI flags in Sindh, Nasir Shah said, If PPP has been ruling Sindh for 13 years, because people have voted, and asked If you are selected, what will happen to you next?

Nasir Shah said how does Shahbaz Gill talk about local government system as PTI did not even allow local government system to run in its areas.

“Now, after being rejected, Mustafa Kamal also remembered the rights of Muhjajirs,” Nasir Shah said, Mustafa Kamal should know that these are not Muhjajirs but Urdu speaking Sindhis.

Sindh LG minister said that we already thought that Pak Sarzamin and MQM are one, Mustafa Kamal has further proved it and added that in fact l Mustafa Kamal wants to launch a movement for his survival. And after shedding crocodile tears, he has now turned to politics of hatred.