NADRA to issue CNIC to Bengalis as Pakistani citizen

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NADRA to issue CNIC to Bengalis as Pakistani citizen

  • Coordination Committee decides to change the word “alien” on CNICs issued to Bengalis

ISLAMABAD, Jan 18,2022- The Coordination Committee of (NADRA) decided to change the word “alien” on National Identity cards cards issued to Bengalis.

A meeting of the Coordination Committee (NADRA) chaired by Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri was held at the Parliament House on Tuesday.

The committee proposed changes in the composition of district boards regarding the issuance of blocked identity cards.

The committee members said that as public representatives, their first responsibility was to ensure easy access to the basic right to “identity” for citizens. The committee further said that small provinces need special attention of NADRA especially Balochistan in which NARDA mega center has not been set up yet. The committee directed to increase the number of NADRA centers for women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

The Committee appreciated the steps taken by the Chairman NADRA for the recruitment of locals in NADRA for the convenience of the local people.

Noting the sensitivity of the issue of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), the Deputy Speaker said that having a national identity card is a fundamental right of every Pakistani. He said that there should be no discrimination in the issuance of identity cards on the basis of nationality and language. Committee instructed NADRA to set up NADRA Mega Center in Quetta.

The committee expressed dissatisfaction with 95% of NADRA centers operating in rented buildings and stressed the need to review this trend.

The committee members said that NADRA has highly sensitive data, the security and safety of which is very important, therefore NADRA should have offices at government instead of rented buildings.

NADRA introduces new system for CNIC verification

He also called for a proper payment method for Pakistanis living abroad so that they could easily pay for NADRA services.

Chairman NADRA Muhammad Tariq Malik apprised the committee members about the procedure for issuance of identity cards, section certificates and arms licenses.

He said that out of 543 tehsils of 157 districts of the country, 510 tehsils have NADRA centers.

He said that the target of establishing NADRA Center in every tehsil of the country would be achieved by June 2022. Chairman NADRA said that NADRA offices have been set up in 13 embassies abroad and their number is being increased.

Chairman Tariq Malik NADRA presented the performance report of 165 days of his tenure which was appreciated by the parliamentary committee. Members of National Assembly Gul Dad Khan, Muhammad Alamgir Khan and Sardar Muhammad Israr Tareen participated in the meeting.