MWM sticks to take out mourning processions on Yaum-i- Ali

KARACHI: Leaders of Majlis Wahdat Muslmeen led by Allama Baqir Abbas Zaidi said that it is ridiculous to ban processions on the pretext of a sudden epidemic three days before Yaum -i- Ali.

Allama Baqir Abbas Zaidi said ten days ago, the route plan of mourning processions across the country was agreed between the regional administration and the mourners.

Permit official letters were issued to permit holders for arrangements.

During corona the government can run a by-election campaign, elections can be held. There can be chaotic crowds in the bazaars, then why can’t there be mourning processions, he asked.

He said it is our first duty in mourning programs to fully comply with government SOPs.

He categorically said the procession of Yaum -i- Ali will be taken out on all routes as usual in its traditional style.

He recalled that sit-in in Karachi continued for 28 days for the recovery of Shia missing persons.

Women folks, elders and children went on protest but were not listened by the Prime Minister or any minister.