Mujahideen have experience and we can fight ISIS: Taliban

Sohail Shaheen Taliban

Mujahideen have experience and we can fight ISIS: Taliban

Aug 28,2021 – Monitoring Desk

Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen has said that our Mujahideen have experience and we can fight ISIS.

Talking at Geo News program ‘New Pakistan’, he said that we had said that rush was at risk at the airport and added that the place where the blast took place was under the control of US forces.

Talking about the current situation in Afghanistan, Sohail Shaheen said that it would be easier to control the situation if foreign troops left. 

The Taliban spokesman said that if anyone attacks Afghanistan after August 31, they will stop it. After that, it is our responsibility to stop the attacks and we have the capability to do so.  

Sohail Shaheen said that no one in the Islamic government would dare to attack, this attack was carried out by ISIS, it also accepted responsibility, those responsible for the attack will be found and they will be punished.

The Taliban spokesman said that our Mujahideen also have experience and can fight ISIS.

“We have no coordination with the United States, only the Doha agreement,” he said.

Pakistani Taliban have to obey Afghan Taliban

Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Afghan Taliban leaders had repeatedly made it clear that Afghan territory would not be used against anyone, and that the TTP would have to obey the Afghan Taliban. 

Talking to Saleem Safi on the Geo News program Jirga, Zabihullah Mujahid said that if the Pakistani Taliban considered the Afghan Taliban leader as their leader, they would have to obey him.