MQM-P ready to join the Sindh government

MQM leadership

MQM-P ready to join the Sindh government

KARACHI, Nov 10,2022 – MQM Pakistan has agreed to join the Sindh government on the invitation of PPP and there will be further progress in this regard next week.

MQM has decided to join the government after receiving positive assurances from PP on many of its demands in recent days.
MQM sources have told media that PPP offered MQM three to four ministries in the Sindh government and two special assistants, while in addition to the Administrator Karachi (KMC), MQM nominated administrators will also appointed in Korangi, Central and Eas districts.

Join MQM like I me, says Kamran Tissori 

How was the name of Kamran Tissori approved?
It was also agreed between the two to bring Water Board, KDA, SBCA and Solid Waste Management Board under Mayor/Administrator.
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and PPP’s most important leader Asif Ali Zardari have played an important role in this regard.