Mother, 3 daughters murdered in Shamsi Society Karachi

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Mother, 3 daughters murdered in Shamsi Society Karachi

KARACHI, Nov 29,2022- A mother and her 3 daughters were killed while the husband was seriously injured in a violent incident in a house of Shamsi Society located in the limits of Al Falah police station in Karachi.

According to the police, the family of the deceased was living on rent on the first floor in this area.

The blood-soaked bodies of the woman and her 3 daughters were found in the house.

According to the police officials, the victims were killed by stabbing a sharp instrument, while the husband of the deceased woman has been shifted to the hospital in critical condition.

Police have also seized the bloody knife from the crime scene.

Among the killed people are Fawad’s wife Huma, 16-year-old Neha, 12-year-old girl Fatima and 10-year-old girl Samra.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Korangi, Sajid Amir Sadozai, the incident is an internal matter of the deceased family, in which the person who was allegedly injured is accused of murdering 4 people.

According to Sajid Amir Sadozai, the deceased include Fawad’s wife and his three daughters.

The accused, Fawad, is a sales manager in a spice company who allegedly tried to commit suicide by killing his wife and three daughters.

According to Sajid Amir Saduzai, after the incident, the room was locked from inside, which makes it suspected that this accused is the one who committed the actual incident.