Model Nayab was killed by her brother

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Model Nayab was killed by her brother

LAHORE Aug 15,2021 – Model Nayab was killed by her brother  and Lahore police have arrested the alleged killer of model Nayab, who is her half-brother.

The accused has confessed to killing his sister in the pretext of honour.

According to police sources, the accused confessed the crime and said that he had committed the murder.

The accused told police in the confession that she was strangled to death after an altercation.  

Regarding the arrest of the accused, the police said that they have reached the killer from the evidence found at the scene of the incident. According to police, the fingerprints of the victim’s brothers were sent to the forensic lab.

Showbiz model Lahore actress Nayab was tortured to death in her home in Lahore on July 11. The model actress lived alone in her home in Nayab Lahore Defense Colony.