MB Larik–Educationist, role model & social campaigner leaves footprints to follow

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by Muhammad Abbas Baloch

Very sad to know that Saeen Moula Bux (MB) Larik has left this immortal world. May Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace.

MB Larik Sahib was known by the people of Khairpur by and large, as fatherly figure, for me as well as for many others of my age group and youngsters belong to this former princely state district.

He was pioneering force in education sector of Khairpur since last over fifty years.

The people of Khairpur in general and civil society in particular were lucky enough that they had persons like Larik Sahib, who spent all the life for departing social service and wellbeing of common people.

Born in small village Ubri, of then princely state of Khairpur State, Larik himself set various examples of social service and particularly in the field of education, He used to motivate young people to achieve their dreams of their bright future and he.

He was role model civil servant, educationist, social worker, prominent member of civil society. He, under the umbrella of Naz Old Boys Welfare Association (NOWA) discharged the duties with sincerity and utter commitment.

After completing early education in his native village, he was enrolled in in Naz High School in 1943. After completion of education he joined as school teacher at Shikarpur in 1960, since then he remained in the same field of education and retired as a District Education Officer Khairpur.

He played a key role in social development of Khairpur district very inaudibly.

In 1994 when I was posted as Assistant Commissioner Thari Mirwah we had formal coordination for organizing cultural and educational activities. I was much impressed from his personality and the way he thought and worked smoothly. He actively participated in socio-cultural and educational activities through out of his life.

He was one of the office bearers of Sachal Yadgar Committee and member of various Civil Society Forums.

He promoted the girls education in Khairpur District and remained staunch advocate of women empowerment and entrepreneurship. I offered a Ottaq of my grandfather and he converted it into free school for poor girls.

After his retirement from the government job, he continued social services for the betterment of education, art and culture in district Khairpur.

Mola Bux Larik, a model civil servant, true patriot, and active citizen will be remembered for many years.