Karachi Press Club bans entry of JUI leaders

MQM-P apologizes for violation of rules of Karachi Press Club by protesters

KARACHI: The Karachi Press Club has banned JUI leaders from entering the Karachi Press Club after Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader Maulana Omar Sadiq insulted members and assaulted staff, says a press release issued by KPC.

KPC officials said JUI leader Maulana Umar Sadiq tried to enter the press club with his car and guard to attend the PML-N press conference on Saturday evening, April 24.

The employees asked him to park his car outside and not to bring a guard, on which he used abusive language with the employees, grabbed the club employee from the collar and beat him with kicks and punches.

Office bearers and members of the PKC present on the occasion immediately intervened and tried to control the situation, but Maulana Omar Sadiq and other leaders along with him continued to show rudeness. and parked the car at the gate of the press.

KPC body decided to ban all JUI leaders, including Maulana Umar Sadiq, from entering the club after the incident.

An application has also been filed by the club management with the concerned police station.